Kaufmann Reunion


2021 REUNION THIS YEAR! Please read below:


*** Kaufmann Family Reunion being held in person and (maybe virtually). Saturday June 26 at 10 am to closing.  12 (noon) Reunion photo.   1 pm potluck (bring a dish to share and your favorite photo of yourself).  2:30 pm Family meeting.  11:00 and 3:30 Games.  Dinner - Gourmet Encore at 6 pm. Music and Storytime at 7 pm. 

Caskey's Campground Meeting Hall, 14849 Fosnight Road, Orville, Ohio 45667

2020 REUNION LETTER✎ EditSign✎ EditSign

2020 FAMILY QUESTIONAIRE✎ EditSign✎ EditSign

May 18, 2020
Bruce & Karyl Kaufmann 4921 Deeson Road Lakeland, Florida 33810

Re: Kaufmann Family Reunion Dear Kaufmann Family;

Due to the unusual circumstances of this year, we have decided to substitute a VIRTUAL REUNION for the In-Person Reunion which our family has been holding yearly for the past 100 years. Here is the plan.


The meeting ID code is 945 692 6374 Password: Ohio

12 (Noon – EST) – WELCOME – The reunion will be live at 12 (noon – EST) with family photos and information scrolling from 12pm to 1pm.

1 pm (EST) – BLESSING & MEAL (More Kaufmann family photos and information scrolling during the meal.)[You Western of US Kaufmanns can make it Breakfast or Brunch.]{European Kaufmanns and Bohrens can make it Dinner}

2 pm (EST) – MEETING, ELECTIONS & PROGRAM (Live and interactive)

3:30 pm (EST) – GOODBYES (Broadcast will end at 4 pm EST)

KAUFMANN REUNION IN A BOX – You need to decide who is hosting your family gathering. How many people will be at your site? Order your site’s KAUFMANN REUNION IN A BOX. Call, text or email Bruce Kaufmann, president (727) 288-8355 or brucekaufmann7@gmail.com. Or call, text or email Karyl Kaufmann, secretary/treasurer (727) 288-8741 or karylkaufmann@gmail.com . We need to know your name, address, how many Kaufmanns you expect to be hosting and who they will be if possible. This will allow us to make sure we don’t miss anyone or duplicate the order.

SURVEY MONKEY POLL. Go to SURVEYMONKEY and take the survey. We need your input. SELFIE: Take a selfie and text or email it to Bruce or Karyl. Have everyone in your sphere of influence take a selfie and text or email it to Bruce or Karyl. Make sure you include your name. KAUFMANN REUNION T-SHIRTS. Order your Kaufmann Family Reunion T-Shirt. See the styles in our store on www.brucekaufmann.com . Don’t wait till the last minute or you will be wearing it to next year’s reunion. But that’s OK.

PAHNHAAS, FONDUE AND FORGOTTEN TORTE is our Kaufmann Family Reunion Cookbook which was compiled by Donald Kaufmann and Bruce Kaufmann. Cook the recommended menu from our cookbook for your Reunion meal or go Rogue and send us the recipes for your menu items to be included in the 2nd KAUFMANN REUNION COOKBOOK. Order your copy of our cookbook from our store on www.brucekaufmann.com .

KAUFMANN/KAUFMAN Dice Game – One of Uncle Bruce’s favorite games. See the game in our store and order your very own dice game. How many families can say that they have a dice game about their name?

GENEALOGY INFORMATION SHEET: Print out the Genealogy Information Sheet, fill it out, send it in with your favorite picture of yourself. Send us your High School Senior Portrait, Wedding Portrait, you family portrait, your College Graduation picture. Make sure everyone in your family completes the Genealogy Information Sheet. Send, email or text to Bruce or Karyl.

REUNION VIDEO – Take a video or picture of you and your family doing a traditional reunion activity and text or email to Bruce or Karyl. Let’s see who can come up with the “Family Favorite” Reunion Video.

DEADLINE: Our technical department needs time to compile, edit and organized the pictures, videos, selfies, information and charts for our reunion. The Deadline is June 22, 2020. If you miss the deadline – send it anyway. We will try to include everything but no guarantees if you miss the deadline.

YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK. We intend to put the reunion on social media. Please dress comfortably but decently. Please realize that 100 years from now your great grandchildren will be looking at you and we want them to be proud of the family that we all have been so blessed to be a part of for the last 100 years.

PASS The HAT! FREE! The KAUFMANN/KAUFMAN REUNION is FREE! However, it does not mean that we do not have expenses. We always take a collection by passing the Hat. Once the collection is taken you can send the donation to brucekaufmann7@gmail.com or karylkaufmann@gmail.com through paypal. Or you can send the money through Zelle.com to Bruce Kaufmann (727) 288-8355 or Karyl Kaufmann (727) 288-9741.

ELECTIONS – NOMINATIONS: One of the signs of good leadership is to groom young leaders to take over the leadership before the leader dies or the organization dies from stagnant leadership. If you want to nominate a candidate for President or Vice President (of your branch) {All 8 Vice President positions are open. }

With Love In Christ and in Kaufmann,
Bruce Kaufmann, President and Karyl Kaufmann, Secretary/Treasurer

P.S. NEXT YEAR’S REUNION will be SATURDAY, JUNE 26, 2021 from 10 am to 9 pm at Caskey’s Campground Meeting Hall, 14849 Fosnight Road, Orrville, Ohio 44667.

The 2020 Kaufmann Family Reunion starts the Centennial Year Celebration of the Kaufmann Family Reunion.  The location is Caskey’s Campground in Orrville, Ohio.  The date is still the last Saturday in June.

The next reunion is Saturday, June 27, 2020 at Caskey’s Campground, 14849 Fosnight Road, Orrville, Ohio 44667.

Check out www.caskeyscampground.com.


The Christian and Elise (Bohren) Kaufmann family moved to Glenmont, Ohio in the United States of America from Grindelwald, Berne Canton, Switzerland in 1880.  This Swiss family Kaufmann consisted of 2 parents and 2 children.  The men were named Christian Kaufmann and the women were named Elise Kaufmann.  Another Kaufmann brother and three other Kaufmann cousins arrived in the United States during the same period.  Christian and Elise had 2 more daughters and 7 (possibly 8) more sons.  This family started a tradition of meeting at least once per year in what has become called the Kaufmann Family Reunion.  All Kaufmanns are welcome and any Kaufmann is welcome to bring honored guests.

Attendance has ranged from 21 at the first reunion in 1920 to over 100 at the reunion in 2010.  The family elects a president each year and by tradition the spouse is the secretary and treasurer.

Email – caskeyscamp@aol.com