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BruceCreative Business Leader/Turnaround Expert/P&L/Analysis/ Planning/ Cost and Financial Management/Negotiation/Growth Planning/ Business Development/ Risk Management/ Team Leader

My intellectual, educational, experiential, financial, and leadership skills position me well to effectively plan and guide any organization seeking to achieve and maintain strong R0I in a volatile economy.  The operational and financial skills I have developed represent a strong backbone for minimizing risk and maximizing the use of available resources.

I combine business and legal skills to resolve causes of business problems rather than just address the symptomatic legal issues.  My business continuity plans have proven invaluable in a world where competitive and legal pressures and unanticipated economic events can cause significant business costs and even threaten business existence.

I routinely serve as a creative thought leader and business problem solver with strong plan development and motivational skills.  I am seeking to apply my analytical, organizational, negotiational, presentational and motivational capabilities in a broader, long-term senior business management environment.

  1.  Creative solutions for turning problems into opportunities
  2. Authoring business recovery and growth initiative programs
  3. Avoiding business pitfalls through pragmatic risk management
  4. Anticipating, preventing and resolving threats to business operations
  5. Enabling high potential organizations to find their footing in turbulent economies

I have a Juris Doctorate (J.D.) degree from Washington University, School of Law, in St. Louis, Mo.  I have a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) with a double major from Greenville College, Greenville, IL.  I have a Master in Business Administration degree with a specialty in Health Care Administration (M.B.A.) from Ashford University, Clinton, IA I am working on a Ph. D. in Church Leadership from Global School of Theology, Seminole, FL and expect to graduate in December 2013.

Selected Accomplishments

Created a business continuation procurement plan.  My client came to me with a need for a continuation procurement plan that would keep the business in operation.  I was able to negotiate such a plan successfully and procured all the necessary electronical parts needed to continue the business in operation.  We were able to pay the suppliers off in the required time and keep the company going with the extra profits generated by the increased business sales which I was able to bring to the table.

Secured capital needed for business launch.  Plan enabled client operating a new business to expand to an additional store location, increasing sales over $200,000 per year.

Developed business continuation strategy.  Plan enabled client to avoid serious financial consequences when major customer declared bankruptcy, while owing hundreds of thousands of dollars to client.

Identified unrecovered revenue.  Identified an area where over $4 million dollars of unrecovered revenue existed.  This revenue was recurring and would cover unwanted expenses on an annual basis.

Developed a successful recovery program.   Plan developed a cutting edge recovery program that recovered over $4 million dollars in the first year.  This program has been a recurring source of revenue to cover unwanted expenses on an annual basis.  In another area this plan lead to the largest recovery check in the history of the state.  (The check was 6 figures.).  This recovery program increased recovery success, increased efficiency, and brought in close to an additional $1 million dollars.

Developed a plan to keep business operating that faced closure.  This plan provided innovative solutions to client’s business problems.  Planned divestitures.  Led process of securing loans and new investment capital.   Addressed problems as business operations challenges rather than just as legal issues to be expediently resolved through bankruptcy.

Developed a business leveraging client education into a unified product marketing plan.  Utilized a well-developed presentation and platform skills for Primerica Financial Services.  Expanded client appreciation for and purchase of financial products through a strategic plan rather than piece meal financial product purchases.  Advanced to the highest rank of Regional Vice President and managed an office of up to 20 independent voluntary agents.

Identified a major problem in the local health care industry.  Provided necessary information to the appropriate agencies to work in resolving the problem.  Worked with numerous clients and families to resolve issues in the best interests of the clients.

 Filled market need for new service.  Created a public opinion polling service.  Hired to determine if potential jury pool in local community had been “tainted” by pre-trial media coverage.  Accepted as an expert, testimony and opinion given, and followed by court.

Bruce Gregory Kaufmann inducted in the Hall Of Fame. His Inaugural Year to be inducted was 2003.  “Godly living and Christian Service from applying God’s Word.”








Demonstrated multi-category business planning and operations skills critical to business success.  Conducted successful law practice while assisting clients in running their businesses, launching a personal financial products distribution business.  Maintained P & L.

President – Bruce G. Kaufmann, J.D., P.A. (Bruce Kaufmann Law Office) 1979 to 2010.  Managed both business operations and legal services facets of the successful law office.  Directed personnel, office-cleint relations, billing, accounting, marketing, technology, management, and administrative functions.  business. Handled a wide variety of cases, business consultant, financial consultant, estate planning, bankruptcies, criminal defense.

Corporate consultant.  Compliance Check, an educational service company that trains agents for insurance companies who deal with risk management for corporate clients about important risk management issues in the human relations area.

Regional Vice President – Primerica Financial Services – 1992 to 2001 served as leader of the Primerica Financial Services office while licensed as a life, health and variable annuities agent, Series 6, 63 and 26 securities representative, licensed mortgage broker and mortgage broker branch business.

Assistant Public Defender – 6th Judicial Circuit – Pinellas, Florida – 1987-1990.  Represented juveniles, mentally challenged, misdemeanor and felony defendants.  Managed cases, interviewed clients and witnesses, performed discovery, negotiated case settlements, tried cases, drafted legal pleadings, argued motions, objections, and issues.  Considered one of the most active trial attorneys on the PD staff.  Considered one of the most successful misdemeanor trial attorneys on the PD staff.  Also served as a part time public defender in Marion County (Indianapolis), Indiana from 1983 to 1986.

Deputy Attorney General – State of Indiana – 1979 to 1983.  Managed providing legal advice for nearly 1/3 of the state licensing and regulatory boards.  Developed recovery programs for state aeronautical sales and use taxes and damaged property claims.

Denominational Program Leader.   1974 to 1986.  Intervened to save a denomination wide teen Bible quiz program.  Developed a strategy for making the program grow and become self-funded.   Developed an awards programs still in use today.  Developed an annual competition that is so successful today most of the church colleges are too small for hosting the teen competition each summer.  Have been a member of a championship Bible quiz team, coached a championship team, coached a championship interdenominational team, been a member of two championship adult teams, quizmaster and program supporter.

Author, Poet, Game Creator, Artist, Actor, Musician.    Experience in the creative arts on a personal and business level as well as a legal education provides insight into the field of intellectual property rights.  Authored: The Official and Original Son Rose™ Book of Games©.  Created H.E.L.P.™, Heroes and Sheroes™ and Garden of Eden™ – card games.  Created Bible-0-poly™ and Jubilee™ – board games.  Created: Uncle Bruce™ and Please Don’t Feed the Dinosaur™ – dice games.  Authored Satin, Lace and Purple Velvet (love poems)©, The Carols of Karyl’s Lover (love poems)©, The Peacock Book of Fun Poems©.  Member of the Awesome Original Second Time Arounders Marching Band from Greater St. Petersburg, Florida.  Have marched in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Savannah’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade and others


*  Ph.D. to  be awarded December 2013 upon completion of dissertation on Leadership

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