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I believe that GOD created us in his image. Since GOD is the Creator of the heavens and the Earth and everything in them including Man, which he created “male” and “female” in his image, then we are designed to be creators too. GOD is the Creator of creators. What have you created for him lately? Let me help you create a wonderful business to bless GOD, your family, your customers, your employees and you.


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Satin, Lace and Purple Velvet
Kaufmann Family Reunion
Corporate Offices
The Carols of Karyl’s Lover

I believe that we are to be a blessing in our business relationships. A relationship that creates a “win-win-win” is the only true way to do business. Let me help you take difficult situations and turn them into “win-win-win” opportunities.

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Bruce Kaufmann has been writing for nearly fifty years. He enjoys creative writing the most, and his genre is very diverse. He writes love poems, children’s stories, science fiction novels, spiritual motivational novels and bible devotionals.

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Board games, card games and dice games are a great way to spend some family interactive time together. Talk about life and important issues while you are having fun playing a game and laughing with each other as the game, circumstances and situations change.

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